Our coaching in all disciplines is divided into adults and children.

We teach total beginners, rusty riders as well as more advanced riders and clients with their own horses.

We have schoolmaster horses and ponies and teach in depth to build confidence and promote an enjoyable riding experience.


All riders are first assessed in a private lesson and then if required, placed in a small group of people of similar experience. Advanced riders are not taught with novice riders.

Private lessons are available to all where more than one to one tuition is deemed appropriate or requested.

Our facilities include an indoor school (20m x 40m) with lights and mirrors,  an outdoor sand arena (25m x 55m) with full set of showjumps and a flat fenced field area for showjumping in the summer. We have a selection of cross country fences from 2'9"- 3'3" onsite. Direct access to incredible hacking in Cirencester Park with no road riding necessary.


Adult Prices as of 1/1/18

* Private lessons  

3/4 hour- £40, 1/2 hour- £25

* Group lessons 3/4 hour £35

* Lunge lesson 1/2 hour £25

* 16-year-olds join Adult lesson 1 hour £30

Child Prices

* Private lesson 1 hour £35/ 3/4 hour £30

* Group lesson 3/4 hour £20

* Private 1/2 hour £20