At Greenhill Equitation the care of your horse comes first. We provide a variety of options. Full, Part, DIY (and assisted), schooling, backing and starting, holiday and short term livery, grass and working livery too.

Prices starting from:

Full Livery

The complete care of your horse including feeding, bedding, grooming, daily exercise and some schooling. 

We provide clipping, trimming, daily year round turn out in fenced paddocks and daily tack cleaning.

£167 per week

Part Livery

As full livery but exercise is given by the owners or charged separately.

£147 per week

Grass Livery

No grass livery currently available.

Schooling Livery

£180 per week

Competition Livery

Including plaiting, some schooling, care and preparation before and after competing.

£180 per week

Starting and Backing Livery

£220 per week

Working Livery

Subject to availability

Limited DIY livery available starting at £62 per week. Assisted at £8 extra per am or pm.